The most attractive localities in the Northern Velebit National Park are:


Zavižan and Alan are areas of alternating open stretches of grassland, lush green forests, and vast limestone formations, surrounded by peaks offering splendid views of the sea and the Lika region.

The Velebit Botanical Garden allows you to enjoy the abundance of the Velebit plant life and the diversity of plant communities. Štirovača is an area of exceptionally rich spruce and fir forests in addition to being the only wet habitat in the Park. Lubenovac, a large grassy valley, is especially attractive for its numerous remains of old shepherd huts and dry-stone walls – evidence of the past life on the mountain and valuable cultural heritage of the region. The Premužić Trail a mountain track leading to the very summits of Velebit, inspires awe both for its masterful construction and the diversity of surface karst forms.

Whichever spot you choose as a starting point for exploring the Velebit, we are sure that you will enjoy the diversity of landscape and the feeling of pristine wilderness!