Northern Velebit National Park Public Institution has different programmes and their realization is not possible without the assistance of many sponsors and donors which give value nature conservation and recognize our efforts in protection of wilderness and attractiveness of this area.

Our projects have been supported by different institutions, companies and individuals during the past years.

Among them are:

Environmental protection and energy efficiency Fund

Environmental protection and energy efficiency Fund has since 2006 supported many of our projects related to biological and landscape diversity conservation and implementation of energy efficiency and environment-friendly technology. To this date the Fund has co-financed scientific and expert research, Velebit botanical garden conservation, biological purification of waste water in the Parks headquarters, compost toilets inside the Park, regulation of aquatic ecosystems on Štirovača and printing of Geology nature guide trough the Park.

Croatian National Tourist Board

Croatian National Tourist Board has supported the printing of Park's promotion materials – flyers, brochures and posters. They also participated in printing the Geology nature guide, issuing multimedia DVD, equipping the Park's Info centres, arranging Velebit botanical garden and Zavižan for visiting, setting-up educational trails, preparation of educational programmes and arranging outside presentation area around the headquarters building in Krasno.

Zagrebačka banka d.d.

In 2002 and 2003 Zagrebačka banka was the general sponsor of renovation of the Velebit botanical garden. With their help professional gardening work on the reconstruction of several rockeries were performed, making an inventory of garden plants began, new plant labels were made, promotional flyers, posters and T-shirts printed, and constant care for the garden during the season started.

Ministry of Tourism

During summer 2004 with their assistance we installed educational panels on the part of Premužić trail passing trough Northern Velebit National park.


INA d.d.

Company INA d.d. supported geological researches for Geology guide through Northern Velebit National Park.

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

With the assistance of Privredna banka Zagreb, we issued a multimedia DVD in 2009.

Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d.d.

In 2008. and 2009. Hypo Bank supported printing flyers about Park's deep pits and geology.

Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Otočac

Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Otočac participated in arranging of educational trails through the Park.

Ministry of Agriculture

In 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture we organized the manifestation "Return of traditional hand-mowers on Velebit".

Olympus d.o.o.

In 2003 company Olympus donated photo cameras and binoculars for the needs of conservation and ranger services. That enabled us to start our rich photo archive which we are updating constantly.

Dukat d.d. (Lura d.d.)

Company Lura gave us a donation for starting the program „ Little green workshop“ which enabled us to start arranging the space for educational programs in the Park's headqurters building.